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Free Seminar

Making the Most of Membership Benefits

A FREE seminar designed specifically for Trade Associations

Nowadays, being “the voice of your sector” is just not enough to recruit and retain sufficient members for most Trade Associations.

As a result, many Trade Associations look to enhance their membership proposition by adding further layers of benefits and services. They will consider the following key points;

  • What will be the real return on investment?
  • What additional value can we derive?
  • How can services help us to grow our business?

However they often find that there is no measurable impact on membership numbers or income levels. So what can they do?

The good news is there is a better way to improve recruitment, retention and membership revenues and the start point is to address a number of crucial factors:

  • Research shows that benefit take up is very low for most Trade Associations
  • The majority are in fact spending heavily on benefits that are not being used
  • One size does not fit all, and benefits must be tailored to specific needs
  • We need to understand what would be of real value to our members
  • We need to differentiate between the nice-to-have and the key influences

To learn more and find out how a different approach to the delivery of benefits and services could make a measurable difference to your organisation, come and join us at our specialist Membership Seminar on Thursday 7th July at Wellington House, Starley Way, Solihull, B37 7HB at 1.30 to 4.30pm.

You will have the opportunity to hear about the latest best practice techniques from two experienced membership professionals, Steve Charles from Qdos Partnerships and John Hall from Hall Associates. This important and very topical seminar is being hosted by the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers, and supported by the Trade Association Forum

This free event will help you to gain a clearer perspective of the value of member benefits and services, which are likely to be most relevant to you, and how to position them effectively.

To reserve your place please complete the contact form below.

* Please note that due to limited availability there is a maximum of two delegates per organisation.

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