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Our services

Telephone advice lines

Access to our telephone-based advice lines, all of which are staffed by our own qualified consultants and solicitors.

Options available:
  • Human resources
  • Employment law
  • Health & safety
  • Legal
  • Tax and VAT

Website and documents

Access to our website and extensive document library, which contains hundreds of downloadable documents, including: template letters, agreements, forms, policies and procedures.

Options available:
  • Human resources
  • Employment law
  • Health & safety
  • Legal and business

Legal expenses insurance

Comprehensive insurance cover for the wide range of legal issues faced by businesses, landlords or private individuals.

Insurance available:
  • Employment disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Property disputes
  • Tax investigations

Core membership services

The provision of quality advice lines, online documents and insurance cover as a membership benefit is a proven way of increasing recruitment, retention and revenue for membership organisations such as trade associations and affinity groups.

The same service proposition can provided to clients of organisations such as insurers, insurance brokers, and accountancy firms, where the proposition delivers added-value benefits that complement the services provided by the organisation.

At Qdos we have an excellent track record of delivering these services and proactively working with trade associations, affinity groups, Chambers of Commerce, and other organisations to help them achieve those objectives.

A tailored solution

We aim to provide our partners with a tailored solution that meets their exact requirements. You don’t have to accept an “off-the-shelf” service – if you work with Qdos you will be able to select the services you want to offer, the services that will add the most benefit to your membership portfolio.

Our ability to tailor our solutions to meet your requirements doesn’t stop there – with our white-labelling capability we can provide dedicated advice lines, and add your branding to our online documentation website and online shop, to help strengthen your brand.

Optional professional services

Alongside our core membership offering we can offer a wide range of optional professional services that may be marketed to members to take up at their option.

  • Human resources
  • Health & safety
  • Legal
  • Tax and VAT
  • Insurance

The services can be made available to members via your own white-labelled online shop.

You are under no obligation to promote these services to your members and we can adapt the offering to avoid conflict with any other service providers to your organisation.

We can pay commission in respect of any additional services purchased by your members, which gives you an opportunity to generate a new revenue stream for your organisation.

We can actively work with you to promote the services to your members, to maximise take up and maximise your opportunity to generate revenue.

Human resourcesHealth & safetyLegalTax/VATInsurance
Outsourced HR servicesPolicy & arrangementsPolicy & arrangementsPolicy & arrangementsPolicy & arrangements
Onsite consultancyGap analysisEmployment disputesTax/VAT planningTax investigation insurance
Contracts of employmentRisk assessmentsDebt recoveryEmployment status (IR35) issues
Employee handbooksGuidance documentsContract disputesHMRC investigation support
AuditH&S trainingProperty disputes
HR trainingOnsite consultancyLandlord & tenant
Legislation updates & newslettersLegislation updates & newsletters

Please contact us today to discuss your membership scheme and the way in which a partnership with Qdos can add value to your membership offering, help you recruit and retain members, and help you to generate revenue from your members.