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Set up a scheme

To set up a membership scheme with Qdos all you need to do is
follow this simple process:

1. Build your CORE membership service:

  • Advice Lines

    • HR
    • Health & Safety
    • Legal
    • Tax
    • VAT
  • Online Documents

    • HR
    • Health & Safety
    • Legal & Business
  • Insurance

    • Businesses
    • Landlords
    • Individuals

You can choose from any of our advice line services, online documentation libraries, and legal expenses insurance products. You essentially build the membership service you want to offer by selecting the services of interest to you.

2. Confirm the number of members or clients of your organisation.
3. We will provide a quotation for the options you select.
4. Select any OPTIONAL services you want to offer to your members or clients.
5. We will work with you to set up your tailor-made services and to promote the membership and optional services to your members.

We aim become an active partner of your organisation, working with you to raise awareness and increase usage of the services by your members. The end result is a valuable, tailor-made membership service that helps you to attract and retain members, and generate additional revenue streams for your organisation.

Please contact us today to discuss your membership scheme and the way in which a partnership with Qdos can add value to your membership offering, help you recruit and retain members, and help you to generate revenue from your members.